Choose Clear Aligners, Create A Better Smile

You are getting ready for a fun day with family and friends. As you get yourself together, you take a look in the mirror. You look great. You feel great.

And when you look at your smile, it makes you smile even wider.

Getting orthodontic treatment with Invisalign has made a big difference in how your teeth look. More importantly, however, you noticed that you feel more confident since you finished the process. You are so glad you visited the office of Brian Davey, DDS, to learn about Invisalign …

… or that could be you in a year or so if you come to see us in San Diego, CA. Call (858) 762-9991 to set up a consultation if you are ready to improve your smile.

A Clear Path To A Straight Teeth

We’ve had many patients tell us they would like to straighten their teeth. Historically, braces have been the most common way people have corrected their crooked smiles. Yet several people (usually adults) tell us they don’t feel comfortable wearing brackets and wires on their teeth. For some, this is for personal reasons. For others, they are concerned about how they may be perceived in professional settings.

This is why clear aligners have been a great development in orthodontic care. They give many people a discreet but effective option to transform their smiles.

Each set of aligners are custom-designed for that patient. If you receive this treatment, you will wear an aligner for a few weeks, then replace it with the next one in the series. With each change, you will be gently pushing your teeth closer to their final positions.

Invisalign also offers a few other advantages over braces. First and foremost, you can remove your aligners for a few hours each day. This means you can continue eating the food that you love, and you won’t need any special tools for your daily oral hygiene routine. Just remember to clean your aligners, too.

One more thing to consider is that the aligners are made of smooth plastic. That means they are much less likely to irritate the soft tissue inside your mouth than braces.

What Aligners Can Do

For patients who are good candidates for Invisalign, you can change your smile in as little as 12 months.

Invisalign has been helping patients all over the world. It has a decades-long record of success, too. Like braces, it can be used to address all of these problems:
• Overbites

  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Open bites
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crowding
  • Crooked teeth

It’s true that Invisalign won’t be the right option for everyone, but it works for most people who are interested in creating a straighter smile.

Let’s See What We Can Do Together

You don’t need a noticeable treatment to get visible results. Invisalign clear aligners could be the key to your smile transformation. Learn more by visiting Brian Davey, DDS, in San Diego, CA. To request an appointment, fill out our online form or call (858) 762-9991 today!

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