Know the Warning Signs of Gum Disease (infographic)

The Friday after Thanksgiving isn’t just the kickoff of Christmas shopping season. It’s also National Flossing Day, which makes it a good reason to remind everyone about gum disease. Periodontal infections are one of the most persistent problems we see at our San Diego, CA practice. Flossing daily can greatly reduce your risk of those issues. It could protect your smile since gum disease ...

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Things You Need To Know About Sleep Apnea

How long have you woken up feeling like you barely slept? How often does your spouse, your roommate, or your kids complain about your snoring? You want to wake up feeling rested and refreshed. To do that, you need to get deep, healthy sleep. If you have sleep apnea, you may need treatment to make that happen. We offer this kind of treatment at the office of Brian Davey, DDS. If you live in ...

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You Can Choose Quality, Compassionate Oral Care(video)

Vickie knows that she has a chose for where she can go for her dental care, but she and her family have been coming to the office of Brian Davey, DDS, since it opened. She appreciates the family atmosphere at our San Diego, CA dental office. She said the closeness among our team carries over to our patients. You’ll also hear that she’s had multiple services. We can and want to provide ...

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Dental Implants Make Teeth Replacements Better

You can rebuild your smile. You can eat the foods that you love again. And you don’t have to deal with the frustrations of denture adhesives. Why not? Because you can come to the office of Brian Davey, DDS, where you can get dental implants to restore your missing teeth. Today, we’ll share some of the reasons implants are a worthwhile investment in your smile and in yourself. If ...

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Six Ways To Dress Up Your Smile

In a few days, you’ll see people of all ages dressed in costumes. Some will be monsters. Others will be superheroes, aliens, or some other kind of character from movies or television shows. Those costumes are fun to put on and wear for a night, but what if you want to make a more lasting change? What if you want to make a change that changes how you feel about yourself? A change that could ...

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Repair More Than Your Smile With A Dental Crown (video)

Broken, cracked, and decayed teeth can be repaired. Your tooth can look and feel as good as new with a dental crown at our San Diego, CA office. Getting a crown is a fast, simple, and effective way to restore the appearance and the function of a damaged tooth. Brian Davey, DDS, discusses crowns in the video below. If you want to find out if a crown could help you, please call 858-762-9991 ...

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Enjoy A Happy, Cavity-Free Halloween (infographic)

Family dentistry is the foundation of what we do at the office of Brian Davey, DDS. We want you and your loved ones to remain free from cavities and gum disease as much as possible. While we hope you enjoy Halloween, we also want to take a moment to discuss some ways you can help fight the “mouth monsters” that could change your smile if you eat too many sweets. Take a moment to check out ...

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You Can Come Back To The Dentist Office Again

You’ve seen the latest scary movie. You may even visit one of those “haunted” houses during the next few weeks. You will certainly see people dressed in what they consider scary costumes, too. But there is something far more scary to many people — going to the dentist! You may be one of the millions of people who struggle with dental anxiety. If not you, then someone you care ...

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We Can Help Your Return to the Dentist (video)

Morgan admits that she avoided the dentist for years before she came to the office of Brian Davey, DDS. In her time away from the dentist, she did develop some oral health issues. As a result, she needed a dental crown. With the help of our dental sedation, she was able to restore her smile … and her confidence. She also feels better knowing she’ll be comfortable at our San Diego, CA ...

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Fillings 101: How To Fix Your Cavity

More than 90 percent of Americans will have at least one cavity in their lives. Many people have multiple cavities. That also means there are hundreds of millions of people in the United States who have dental fillings right now. Some fillings are pretty noticeable because they are made of metal. Then there are people like our patients in San Diego, CA, who get metal-free tooth-colored ...

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By the most conservative estimates, 7 in 10 people will have gum disease in their lives. In the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control has reported that nearly half of all adults ...

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It isn't big, but it's big enough that you notice it when you look in the mirror. To you, that means it's likely that other people will notice it, too. Either way, it's enough ...

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