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Dr. Brian Davey believes that a healthy mouth makes for a healthy body. That’s why our San Diego dentist office emphasizes complete health dentistry, which is integrative dental medicine, reuniting the mouth and the body. We want all of our patients to enjoy a great smile and better overall health through comprehensive dentistry. There are many reasons to schedule your next checkup with us. Here are just a few of them:

A Complete Health Dental Office
  • Commitment to your total health, not just your oral health.
  • A wide variety of dental services conveniently offered under one roof.
  • Comforting amenities such as cozy blankets, pillows, warm towels, headphones, and Netflix.
  • Relaxing sedation with an easy-to-swallow pill or general anesthesia by special appointment.
  • Family dentistry services to keep your loved ones smiling brightly.

Call us today for a healthier mouth and body. Our friendly dentist office is easy to find at 7805 Highlands Village Place, Suite G105 – around the corner from Peet’s Coffee, just off Ted Williams Freeway.

Get Dental Care For Your Smile & Your Body

At Brian Davey DDS, we want to make it easy to get the kind of comprehensive dentistry you and your family need to maintain good health.

If you’re a new patient, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your goals for your smile and your health. Since there is such a strong correlation between oral health and the body’s health as a whole, our dentist will carefully review your medical history as well.

If your appointment is for a wellness visit, it will include a thorough dental exam to check for any problems. We will also perform a gum disease test and an oral cancer screening to detect early signs of these diseases.

Then our dental hygienist will carefully clean your teeth and gums, paying special attention to areas you might miss at home. It’s important to get rid of as much harmful bacteria as possible to help prevent future dental problems.

Finally, our treatment coordinator will outline any recommended services and work with you to design a treatment plan that fits your goals, budget, and lifestyle. You choose the services that are right for you!

Call us today at (858) 762-9991 for comprehensive dentistry to maintain a healthy mouth and body.

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