Create The Bright Smile You Want For Valentine’s Day

Create The Bright Smile You Want For Valentine’s Day

Your hair looks great. You’ve got reservations at your spouse’s favorite restaurant. Your outfit is flattering for you, and you feel good about wearing it.

Yet, there is something you still want to change before you celebrate Valentine’s Day — your smile.

To be specific, you want to remove the deep, yellow stains from your teeth. Thankfully, you can with a little help from our team at the office of Brian Davey, DDS. Professional whitening can remove deep stains in little time, so you can feel great about your smile for your big date night and beyond.

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Two Ways to Whiter Teeth

At our San Diego dentist office, you have two great options to improve the color of your smile.

The first is one of the fastest professional whitening products on the market today. Sinsational Smile can make your teeth noticeably whiter in as little as 20 minutes.

After a little preparation, you receive prefilled whitening tray with Sinsational Smile gel. To accelerate the whitening benefits, we shine an LED light on your teeth. Shortly thereafter, you could be looking at teeth that are five shades whiter than when you came through our doors.

If you are looking to make an improvement to your smile as quickly as possible, this in-office treatment is difficult to beat.

We also know that some people prefer to handle things on their own at home, which is why we offer professional whitening strips as well. These are just as easy to use as the strips you will find in stores. The difference is that professional whitening strips have a higher concentration of bleaching agents. This allows them to go deeper and whitening your teeth better and faster than the commercial products.

Regardless of which type of whitening you prefer, we have an option that will work for you.

Keep Your Teeth Looking Their Best

As effective as teeth whitening can be, it’s not permanent. As long as you continue to eat and drink (or use tobacco), you’ll be adding new stains to your smile over time.

This is why you could use a touch-up from time to time.

Your teeth whitening can become part of your routine, or you could combine whitening with other cosmetic services to create an even better smile. Many people get their teeth whitened after they complete orthodontic care with Invisalign. Whitening is also an excellent complement to a gum reshaping treatment.

If you are looking to make big changes, whitening can be a big part of your smile makeover.

Look Great for Your Valentine

Whether you have found the love of your life or you’re still looking, feeling confident about your smile can help. When you have stained teeth, you may feel self-conscious about smiling. We know because we’ve met many patients who felt that way about their teeth until they tried our professional whitening.

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