Get Quick Care For Dental Emergencies in San Diego

Dental emergencies can happen at any time – usually they occur when it’s most inconvenient. But Dr. Brian Davey and his team are ready to help when you have an urgent dental need!

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Just call our San Diego dentist office at (858) 762-9991 to get fast help. We’ll consult with you and try to get you in the same day if at all possible.

If you have a broken tooth, we can often fix it on the spot with a same-day crown using our CEREC system. We offer “one-visit dentistry” to our patients whenever possible. Here’s what else you can expect from our emergency dental care:

  • Quick pain relief so you can relax. Sedation is available if needed.
  • Expert care to treat your immediate dental concern.
  • Long-term smile-saving protection.
  • Recommendations for other treatments to keep your smile healthy.

For emergency treatment, call us now at (858) 762-9991. Our office is conveniently located at 7805 Highlands Village Place, Suite G105 – just off Ted Williams Freeway.

Take Steps Now to Protect Your Smile

At Brian Davey DDS, we focus on preventive dental care that helps reduce the number of dental emergencies we see. However, they are unfortunately a fact of life.

Generally speaking, if you’re in pain, then it’s an emergency. Below are several common dental crises and important steps to take if you’re faced with them:

  • Toothache. A simple toothache could be a sign of something bigger, such as an abscess. Call us soon for treatment before your situation turns into a more painful problem. In the meantime, use a warm water rinse to help reduce pain. Then apply an ice pack to the area to reduce swelling and help with pain.
  • Loose tooth. Use a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling. Call us for an appointment as soon as possible.
  • Knocked-out tooth. Call us immediately so we can get you proper care to save your tooth. Retrieve the tooth (touch only the crown, not the roots) and place it in a small container of milk or salt water to preserve it.
  • Loose or broken crown. Try to replace the crown if possible, using dental adhesive or toothpaste to help secure it in place. Call for an appointment so we can do permanent repair on it.

Dental emergencies can cost you your smile. Call us now for expert dental care and keep your smile intact: (858) 762-9991. You can also use our online form if you need to schedule regular dental care.

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