Dental Implants Make Teeth Replacements Better

Dental Implants Make Teeth Replacements Better

You can rebuild your smile.

You can eat the foods that you love again.

And you don’t have to deal with the frustrations of denture adhesives.

Why not? Because you can come to the office of Brian Davey, DDS, where you can get dental implants to restore your missing teeth. Today, we’ll share some of the reasons implants are a worthwhile investment in your smile and in yourself.

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The Advantages of Implants

Implants have been a game-changer in the world of restorative dentistry.

Modern root-form implants offered greater stability and security. On a practical level, they restore the function of your lost teeth as well. Implants have proven to be durable. As many patients have proven, they can last the rest of your life with proper care.

Eat Anything You Want

People who have dentures understand why this is a big benefit. Many patients have come to us after years of using traditional dentures. They had grown tired of the frustration of getting certain items when they dined out … or worse not knowing if they would be able to eat anything at a new restaurant.

To look at it another way, research has shown that people with dentures can restore about one-fifth of their biting power. That’s not much, and it explains why chewing chicken or steak can begin to feel more like a chore. It’s also why you may not feel confident taking a bite of crisp, juicy apple. You want to enjoy the bite — not pull your teeth out of your mouth.

Implants replace the roots of your lost teeth. With implants in your jaw to support your dentures, you can generate more power behind every bite. Many people with implants get back 80, 90, and even close to 100 percent of their original bite force. That’s plenty to comfortably chew steak just the way you like or confidently take a bite of your favorite kind of apple.

With implants, you can look for what you want to eat when you dine out, not just what you are able to chew.

Speak Clearly & Naturally

Those loose-fitting dentures don’t just affect your diet. They also can affect how you speak … and maybe how willing you are to say anything in certain situations.

You can do an internet search and see several videos of people’s dentures falling out when they are trying to say something. In person, this can be awkward for everyone involved. If you are person losing your teeth, you may even feel a little embarrassed.

You can try using denture adhesives to provide some temporary security, but implants give you a more permanent solution. When your dentures are placed on implants, you can trust that they will stay in place. If you can bite into an apple, you can trust that your teeth will stay in during a job interview, on a date, or while giving a speech to an audience.

Keep Your Jaw Healthy

Bone loss is another common problem for people with traditional dentures. The reason is that nothing is there to replace your missing roots.

When you had healthy teeth, you roots pressed into your jaw every time you bit or chewed something. That created pressure on your jaw, which stimulated new bone growth. This is important because new tissue is needed to replace old tissue as it reabsorbed by the body. Without a connection between your dentures and your jaw, there isn’t enough pressure to cause new tissue to form.

Implants provide that direct connection. This prevents further bone loss, which prevents the sunken in appearance that affects many people who have lived for years without teeth or with traditional dentures.  

Feel Comfortable with Your New Teeth

Dental implants have done wonderful things for so many of our patients and could be for you. Yet, we have seen anxiety in the faces of people trying to decide whether to get them.

It’s OK to feel this way, but we want to help ease some concerns that you may have.

Many people worry that getting implants could be painful. After all, we are placing the implants into your jawbone.

It’s also why we want you to know that we offer dental sedation at our office. Dr. Davey is an active member of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS), and he is licensed to administer sedation in our office.

This includes oral sedation, which involves taking medication about an hour before your implant placement or other procedure. We also can offer general anesthesia by special appointment. Either way, you can rest assured that you can be pain-free throughout the placement procedure.

Another understandable concern is the cost of getting implants. It’s important to look at this as an investment that will pay off for decades to come. A vacation can be fun, but it’s over in a week. Implants can last the rest of your life … and help future vacations be even more enjoyable since you’ll be able to try any new food that you want.

You also should know that we offer a variety of payment options at our practice. In addition to cash, checks, and credit cards, you also can finance your procedure with CareCredit. If you have dental insurance, we work with most major programs, and our team will work with you to get the most from your benefits.

Strengthen Your Smile

Many people will get partial or full dentures when they first lose teeth. It usually doesn’t take to long to figure out that they aren’t quite like have your teeth in your mouth.

Teeth replacements should do more than restore your smile. They also should give you back the function of your lost teeth. Dental implants at the office of Brian Davey, DDS, can make that possible.

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