Get Rid of Decay & Restore Your Smile

Get Rid of Decay & Restore Your Smile

So, you’ve got a cavity. You aren’t happy about it, but we don’t want you to feel embarrassed about that.

More than 90 percent of people will deal with tooth decay during their lives. While all of us want to remain cavity-free, the truth is most of us will need to do something about decay at one time or another.

By coming to the office of Brian Davey, DDS, you can get a tooth-colored filling in San Diego, CA. This way, you can restore the function of your tooth as well as the appearance of your smile.

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Don’t Wait to Fix Your Tooth

As we noted above, tooth decay will affect practically everyone at some point. When it does, the worst thing you can do is ignore. It’s not going to go away on its own.

And it can definitely lead to bigger problems.

You may notice dark spots forming on your teeth, or you could notice that your teeth feel more sensitive. In either of these situations, it’s better to take action sooner rather than later.

When allowed to remain, the bacteria that cause decay will eat deeper into your tooth. If the damage is too great, you may need a dental crown or a root canal to fix it. A filling is faster and a less expensive solution.

Keep Smiling

Metal fillings were the standard treatment for cavities for a long time. From a function standpoint, they worked well. They restored patients’ ability to bite and chew. They also provided protection again further decay. Those were good things.

On the other hand, having a gold or amalgam (mercury combined with other metals) filling could be a bit of a distraction. It also let other people know that you’d had a cavity, which could make some people feel self-conscious about smiling or speaking.

With the development of more modern materials, we are proud to offer tooth-colored fillings at our practice. These contain no metal, but they provide similar protection against decay and restore the function of your tooth.

By using a composite resin, you also can have a filling that looks like a natural part of your smile. This kind of filling can be shaded to match the color of your natural tooth and polished, so it blends in seamlessly.

You also should note that it’s normal for fillings to wear down over time. If you have an old, metal filling, we would be happy to replace it for you with one of our composite fillings.

Reclaim Your Smile

Getting a cavity is more common than most people realize, but that doesn’t mean it needs to ruin your smile for years to come. Removing the decay and getting a tooth-colored filling at Dr. Davey’s office will have you feeling like yourself in no time.

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