Morgan O.

Before I saw Doctor Davey, I don’t think I’ve been to the dentist in like, years prior to that. I think I was very anxious about the procedures and about what it all entailed. When I finally came and got rolling with the process, they made me feel really comfortable, they introduced sedation as part of my procedure. I had to have a crown done because I had waited so long for my teeth health to be good.

The sedation made me feel … It was a life changer. It made me feel comfortable during the procedure, I didn’t remember a lot of it, but I was able to participate in anything he needed, directions.

My confidence had boosted completely afterwards. I always feel comfortable now, coming back if I need a procedure, I know it’s not really that big of a deal. If I need any sort of sedation, it helps with that. I just remember being happy during my procedures, I remember being comfortable and it was absolutely no anxiety, which is a first for me because I’m usually kind of an anxious person when it comes to any kind of procedural, medical, dental, so it was amazing.

First and foremost, to ease the dental anxiety, they’re just very kind here, they’re very good people, they’re very warm, they make you feel comfortable in the beginning, they treat your needs individually, and then if you need something that is procedure that takes a little bit time, they understand the sedation process.
They will administer sedation, which helps the anxiety, it helps with any kind of pain tolerance that may have, which mine is pretty low, and so I think that they’re just good with individual care, they’re very caring, they’re kind of nurturing in a way, because sometimes you just need a little nudge when you’re afraid of the dentist, and they know how to do that. They know how to care for you and make you feel comfortable, and then afterwards, you’re happy and you feel good. It doesn’t hurt and it feels good to come here and know, “Okay, I’m not gonna be in so much pain and it’s okay.”

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