Richard M.

The reason that I like coming here is because of the staff. They are the warmest, friendliest people that you ever want to meet. I thought my oral health was up to par. After the crown and after the education of going through the procedure, the team informed me of everything that they were doing. Little did I know, I thought the healthiness of my teeth were much better than what I perceived them to be. I learned a lot. In that educational process I learned what to do moving forward to prevent future crowns and deep cleaning, et cetera. It was educational.

As I walked out I felt smarter, more knowledgeable about the healthiness of my mouth and what can I do moving forward to prevent things from coming up in the future. Getting the crown here for me was actually educational. The technology that this office has is really amazing. Things that would usually take a week or two to final completion, they can do you within a matter of hours. For me, I was really enlightened about what’s happening with this particular practice and technology. Not all dentistry offices conduct their practice in such a way. That’s not good or bad, but knowing that this particular practice is on the cutting edge of technology, I embrace it and it helps me move through my busy life faster. Opposed to coming back multiple times for the same reason, I come here a one stop shop respectfully and then I’m on doing life, if you will.

My mouth felt fresh. It felt clean. It felt healthy. Even when I look into the mirror and see the healthiness of my gums, when I see myself in photos or a video, when I see the smile I immediately look at my teeth. I feel comfortable behind the camera. Quite often my job takes me in front of an audience, and it’s important to know that I am mimicking the lifestyle that I’m encouraging others to live, and it starts here at this practice.

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