Resolve to Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

Resolve to Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

How long will you live with missing teeth? How long should you put up with severely damaged or decayed?

If you are dealing with one or both of these issues, then you should resolve to restore your smile in 2019. Our San Diego dentists will be happy to help you with either situation.

With dental implants to support your dental restorations, you can feel confident that your new teeth will stay in place and that you can eat anything you would like.

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Implants Strengthen Your Smile

Modern, root-form implants were first introduced in the 1960s. They forever changed teeth replacements, and with innovations since then, your replacements can feel and function practically as well as natural, healthy teeth.

Implants were developed to take the missing of the roots of lost, missing, and removed teeth. As such, they provide long-term stability and security that does not exist with traditional dentures or bridges.

When your replacements are supported by implants, you also can prevent one of the most common consequences of tooth loss. Without roots or implants, you face a high risk of bone loss in your jaw. That can affect the shape of your face and how your dentures fit in your mouth.

Implants for Any Number of Teeth

Implants are a great option whether you are missing a single tooth or you are missing a full set of teeth.

A single lost tooth can allow bone loss to begin, which can lead to more lost teeth down the road. That gap in your smile not only affects how you eat, it also creates an opportunity for drifting to occur.

Drifting is when your teeth begin to shift positions. With a full smile, your individual teeth provide support for one another. Generally, this keeps them in the same positions in your mouth. When a tooth is removed, your teeth lose some of that support, which can allow forces that occur as you bite and chew to change how your teeth fit together.

By getting an implant-supported crown, you can fill the empty space in your smile and restore the support your missing tooth once provided.

If you are missing multiple teeth, a few implants can be used to support a dental bridge. This too can restore the appearance of your smile along with your ability to bite and chew.

Patients who already have full dentures should consider implants as well. As you already know, traditional dentures rest over your gums. Over time, they can become looser and more likely to slip out of place. This makes eating and speaking more difficult.

By getting implants to anchor your dentures in place, you won’t worry that your teeth could fall out at any moment.

Get Ready to Rejuvenate Your Smile

If you are serious about getting healthier in 2019, let dental implants help you achieve your goal. When you can eat anything you want, you can eat healthier foods that provide the nutrients you need. When you are confident that your replacement teeth will stay where they want, that’s good for your mental health, too.

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