Restorative Treatments for a Beautiful Smile

Restorative Treatments for a Beautiful Smile

Do you have a broken tooth or cavity? Today’s restorative options mean that it’s possible to repair your smile and enhance the way it looks, all at the same time! Our dentist in 4S Ranch offers cosmetic restorative treatment options that are highly durable and aesthetic. When you’re able to take advantage of the benefits of restorative dentistry, you can feel confident showing off the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

Our Restorative Treatment Options

Restorative dentistry in 4S Ranch can range from small, minimally-invasive restorations to more complex, oral rehabilitation techniques. Ultimately, our goal is to strengthen your smile so that you can eat and speak like normal, without having to change your daily habits or activities.

Today’s options for restorative dentistry offer stronger and more attractive materials than what we’ve seen in years past. So instead of relying on unsightly silver fillings, visible grey lines, or mismatching crowns, Dr. Davey can repair your teeth so that they look completely whole again.

Here are just a few examples to consider:

Minimally-invasive White Fillings-A couple decades ago, repairing an area of tooth decay meant having to place a silver filling inside of the tooth. Or if the area was visible, using a larger-than-necessary restoration, such as a crown. Fortunately, today’s dental filling materials can be matched to the color of your natural smile.

White composite fillings aren’t just more attractive. They’re also healthier and less invasive to your tooth structure. Since the material bonds closely with your enamel, less tooth alteration is needed.

Porcelain and Ceramic Dental Crowns-As dental materials have become more advanced, we’ve been able to integrate more attractive ways to make crowns. Highly durable ceramics and porcelain closely mimic the color and texture of natural teeth. When we place them over a tooth (or even a dental implant) your smile looks healthy and whole, as everything blends together nicely.

Ceramic dental crowns are an excellent option for anyone with worn, cracked, or decaying teeth. If you’re not a candidate for porcelain veneers, covering the entire tooth with a protective crown is an excellent alternative. Aesthetically, both crowns and veneers provide a similar cosmetic appeal. But only one of them is used to reinforce compromised teeth!

Custom Dental Bridges-Tooth-colored dental bridges serve three purposes. First, they address the aesthetic concern created when you have a missing tooth. Each bridge is carefully handcrafted so that the artificial crown suspended in that place looks like a part of your natural smile.

Second, bridges restore the function of your normal bite. So, activities like biting or chewing different textures of foods aren’t an issue.

And finally, either end of a bridge also acts as a protective dental crown for the tooth that it’s attached to. So, if those teeth are worn or breaking, a bridge can help to reinforce them.

Dental Implants-Dental implants are the only modern treatment designed to look, feel, and function like anatomical teeth. Whether you have one missing tooth or need to replace all of them, Dr. Davey can utilize implants and matching restorations to restore your smile’s optimal health. Choose from individual implants with a custom porcelain crown, or fill in wider spaces with a pair of implants supporting a ceramic dental bridge. Full mouth reconstruction options are also available!

Getting dental implants is easier than most people expect. There is little to no irritation following the visit; an over-the-counter pain reliever may be all that you need, if anything.

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If you’re ready to update your old dental work or have teeth that are starting to wear out, it’s time to call Dr. Brian Davey. Our San Diego dentist will customize a care plan to your unique smile and personal needs, providing you with a truly individual treatment experience. For more information on cosmetic and restorative dentistry, contact us today.