Sleep Through it All

woman taking a pill for sedation dentistry

A visit to the dentist has long been portrayed in the media as something to fear with deep dread. Over time, this constant spotlight on the anxiety induced by a dental visit for some, has created a true and very real phobia or fear for some patients. Sometimes, these fears, anxieties or phobias can be so severe that a patient may delay getting treatment for years. Soon, issues begin piling up and before they know it, they need several procedures and the compounding issues add more anxiety to an already scary situation. Thanks to providers like Dr. Davey, conscious sedation provides a way for those with dental anxiety to get a full day’s worth of treatments done while blissfully resting. 

Sometimes referred to as sleep or twilight dentistry, sedation dentistry provides an opportunity for everyone to get the dental healthcare they need and deserve. There are different types of conscious sedation ranging from oral to intravenous. 

In oral sedation, the medication is given to you prior to your appointment to take an hour before you arrive. The goal of this medication is to help you stay calm and reduce any and all pre-procedure anxiety. The medication will just make you feel drowsy and completely pain-free so the doctor can perform multiple dental treatments in just one quick office visit.

 During oral sedation, you remain awake, but deeply calm. You’ll be able to communicate during the procedure and will remain responsive to any instructions. Our team will be by your side the entire time from beginning to end during procedures under sedation. You’ll want to be sure you bring a friend or loved one along to drive you to and from the appointment safely. 

Some situations call for a deeper layer of sedation through the use of IV medication. During this level of conscious sedation, you’ll most likely be asleep and patients usually have little to no memory of the procedure after the medication wears off. IV sedation is a great option for patients who need several procedures done but have put them off due to anxiety or even a phobia of the dentist. It allows us to do years worth of work in one day in a way that is pain-free and relaxing. 

If fear of the dentist has been holding you back from getting the treatments you need, please don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can discuss your options and find a way to get you the care you need without fear.