Take Your Sleep Apnea Treatment With You

You had planned to make it a fun weekend, camping with your friends. But that’s not the memory you’ll take away from it.

Your friends complained that you kept them all awake. Because of that, everyone was irritable and annoyed. No one was able to enjoy anything because of your snoring.

Your snoring was due to your sleep apnea. You couldn’t take your CPAP where you were going, so what else could you have done?

You could have come to the office of Brian Davey, DDS. We offer a portable sleep apnea treatment that requires no electricity and can fit on a coat pocket.

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Enjoy Your Trip

CPAP machines can be an effective treatment for sleep apnea. However, they do require electricity, and they aren’t always easy to bring with you when you are traveling for work or vacation.

As an alternative, we can make an oral appliance for you. This appliance is custom-fitted for your mouth and your teeth. This appliance is similar in size to an athletic mouthguard, and it’s just as easy to use. You just put it in and fall asleep.

Now, it may take a little time to adjust to sleeping with something in your mouth. The benefit is that you can now take that camping trip without spoiling it for anyone who has to share a tent with you. You can take that business trip and wake up feeling refreshed when it’s time to give your presentation or meet with a new client the next morning.

Plus, you won’t need to hunt for a plug (or bring a generator to your campsite) to get a healthy, refreshing night of sleep.

Understand Your Options

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) works by forcing air into your mouth, nose, or both. This keeps your airway open so you can keep breathing. With sleep apnea, you stop breathing frequently, which prevents you from getting healthy sleep. Without the CPAP, your airways slowly close, which is what leads to loud and persistent snoring.

Unfortunately, CPAPs require wearing a mask, which can cause skin irritation. The sound of the machine can be distracting as well for you or your significant other. And some people just don’t like the feel of the air pressure.

Oral appliances work without any of those problems. They also have been approved by the FDA to treat apnea and snoring.

The way these appliances work is by changing the position of your lower jaw. By moving it forward slightly, your airways are more likely to remain open. That is why you can continue breathing and why you are less likely to snore when you use this kind of appliance.

Get A Good Night Of Sleep On The Road

Don’t spend another trip wondering if your snoring is bothering your family and friends. Bring your oral appliance as your pocket-sized, portable sleep apnea treatment.

To learn more, contact Brian Davey, DDS, online or call (858) 762-9991.