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You could be suffering from TMJ disorder if your jaw hurts, if it pops when eating, or if you have unexplained headaches. TMJ treatment will get you relief from these problems. In our San Diego dentist office, Dr. Brian Davey can treat your TMJ symptoms to:

  • Help stop jaw aching and jaw popping.
  • Put an end to tension headaches and migraines.
  • Prevent teeth grinding and damage to tooth enamel.
  • Make eating enjoyable again.
  • Help you sleep more soundly.

Call us today for TMJ solutions: (858) 762-9991. Get the relief you deserve! You can find our office on Highlands Village Place in San Diego, behind Peet’s Coffee.

Feel Better With TMJ Relief From a Comfortable Oral Appliance

Many of our patients aren’t familiar with the TMJ. This acronym stands for the temporomandibular joints, located on both sides of your head. These complex joints facilitate jaw opening and closing, chewing, and yawning.

They can become inflamed and irritated for a number of reasons. When this happens, significant pain can occur.

Dr. Davey can fit you with a custom night guard that will gently move your lower jaw forward. This slight movement eases the pressure on your TMJ and helps reduce or eliminate the pain associated with it.

Sometimes getting relief from TMJ symptoms involves changing your bite slightly. One way we do this is with Invisalign orthodontic treatment to align your bite. Another technique to alter your bite is strategically placing new dental crowns.

Get Headache Relief With the NTI-tss

To treat migraines and tension headaches, your dentist can fit you with a custom bite guard called the NTI-tss. This unique dental appliance helps reduce the teeth clenching and grinding that many of us do in our sleep. Teeth clenching plays a major role in developing migraine and tension headaches.

The NTI-tss is FDA-approved, and research has shown that it is effective in reducing headache pain. The device also helps reduce premature tooth wear as well as strain on your jaw.

Don’t put up with TMJ pain and headaches any longer. Call us today at (858) 762-9991 for TMJ treatment. You can also use our online form.

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