What If We Could Completely Change A Smile in Just One Day?

Smile in a Day

The newer generations get a lot of bad rap for being enthralled with instant gratification. They don’t want to wait for things to happen. They want them now, now, now and they will do whatever it takes to make that happen. But, wouldn’t we all like to have the things we want most right now if we could. Take for instance a perfect smile. Wouldn’t we all like to walk into our dentist’s office at 8 am and walk out at 2pm with a brand new smile? Well, thanks to advances in modern dentistry did you know that’s completely possible. And it’s called exactly what you would expect it to be called: Smile in a Day!

To begin your same-day procedure, Dr. Davey or one of our other extremely talented and skilled dentists will thoroughly examine your mouth and take a set of X-rays. To make sure your new look is perfect, we work with a lab artist who will custom design a beautiful smile with your facial features and proportions in mind.

With the cutting-edge technology of our CEREC system, we will use CAD/CAM imaging to create your new crowns or veneers right in our office. Our record is 28 teeth restored in one day! Then we will make digital impressions so that your crowns or veneers can be made to exact specifications for maximum comfort and beauty. Our CEREC machine will then take this information to begin crafting your new restorations. While it is working, we will even treat you to a nearby massage or manicure! How’s that for a great day! Some pampering and a brand new smile all in the course of a few hours in one life changing day!

When you return to our office after getting pampered, we will place your new restorations and make sure they blend in perfectly with your other teeth. You’ll walk out ready to face the world with your beautiful new smile!Call us today at (858) 358-5660 to learn more about Smile in a Day and to schedule your complimentary consultation. You can also schedule online. Get your dream smile in just one visit!