A Tooth Extraction Might Be Best For Your Smile

A Tooth Extraction Might Be Best For Your Smile

Sometimes things just don’t go the way you would like.

In business, people are sometimes advised to cut their losses. In life, people are encouraged to nip problems in the bud.

In dental care, sometimes this means removing a tooth or teeth that are creating other issues. At the office of Brian Davey, DDS, we conduct tooth extractions as painlessly as possible. Today, we will share a few reasons you or someone you love may need to have teeth removed. We’ll also explain our approach to make this procedure as comfortable as it can be. Call (858) 762-9991 to learn more or to make an appointment at our Torrey Highlands, San Diego, CA dentist office.

Reasons To Remove Teeth

Whenever we can, we will encourage you to restore and repair teeth rather than remove them. Even so, there are times with extracting teeth is the best option.

If you are already missing multiple teeth, you may be considering getting implant-supported dentures. If you only have a few teeth left, taking them out could make it easier to get the teeth replacements that you want.

If you have a tooth infection, most of the time a root canal can stop the pain, and a dental crown can restore the function and appearance of your tooth. Nevertheless, the tooth may not be saveable if the damage is too severe. In those cases, we would recommend removing and replacing the damaged tooth.

If you do need teeth replacements, we are proud to offer a variety of options. These include implant-supported crowns and bridges. You also can choose All-in-4® dentures to restore your smile and your bite.

Many people look into orthodontic care because they would like straighter teeth. Crowding can be a problem that affects the appearance of their smiles. By taking out a tooth or a few teeth, you can make your orthodontic care simpler and shorter.

How We Make It Easier

We know that dental anxiety can make it difficult for some people to schedule a cleaning, much less an oral surgery like tooth extraction. To help, we have practices that make this procedure more comfortable physically and mentally.

Your comfort is one of our top priorities no matter why you are visiting us. It’s why we are happy to provide cozy blankets and pillows for our guests. It’s also why we installed chair-mounted televisions so you can watch Netflix during your appointment.

Our dental professionals are committed to providing compassionate care for all our patients. We can expertly administer anesthetic to numb the areas we will be treating. We also have sedation options to keep you worry-free and pain-free while your teeth are removed. You have the option of oral sedation (which involves taking a dose of medication) or general anesthesia (by appointment only).

Could Tooth Removal Be Good For You?

As we noted earlier, a vast majority of the time, you will want to save your teeth. On those rare occasions when a tooth extraction is beneficial, our team at the office of Brian Davey, DDS is here for you.

Call (858) 762-9991 or contact us online to request a consultation if you think this or one of our restorative services might be right for you.